As website owners, uptime is about as crucial as making sure the front door on a shop owner’s local 24-hour business isn’t locked. We need visitors and customers to be able to reach us at all times. AlertBot’s service can ensure that uptime is consistent and reliable. Of all its features, AlertBot’s alerting process is what ultimately gives us website owners peace of mind.


AlertBot’s alerting system differs from most in the way that it works hard to avoid false alarms. No one likes getting an alert that their site is down when it really isn’t, and AlertBot combats this by testing your site’s availability from more than one location before sending you that digital elbow nudge about your site’s downtime. For example, if a test server in New York responds that your site is down (or producing an error) at the moment, it’ll test it from another location—say, California—within 60 seconds. It’s only after the failure is verified from this second location that it will deem the error legitimate and begin alerting.  You won’t just be getting an alert based on a brief outage in one isolated location.

The alerting process is versatile as well. You can be alerted via email, text-message or automated phone call, or through any combination of these options. For example, with SMS text messaging, you might get a message sent to your phone from AlertBot specifying what went down. You then can take whatever necessary steps needed—depending on the cause of the error—to get things back up and running smoothly again. AlertBot will continue to test your site’s availability until it is, and you’ll be notified via text once more once it’s back up, with the amount of time your site (or the specified portion or page of your site) was inaccessible displayed as well (whether it be minutes or hours). It’s a great way to remain aware of your website’s performance day or night. It’s also a great way to pinpoint problem areas of our site to know what to fix or improve.

For more information about AlertBot’s alerting services and features, click here.

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