When a web user or designer thinks of website monitoring, it’s easy to just think of the basic “up” and “down” aspects of your site’s performance. Something interrupts your server – be it a coding misstep, hosting downtime, server misconfiguration, etc – and website monitoring can let you or someone on your team know via text, email, or phone call so you can fix it.

But website monitoring can do so much more. AlertBot’s monitoring service collects all kinds of data about your website that is invaluable to any website owner. For example, each time AlertBot tests your website, it analyzes the load time and performance of every piece of your page and will generate a detailed assessment of how long each component takes to load. This helps you identify potential problem areas for your website’s loading time, including every component’s size, transfer speed, load time and more. With this kind of data, you can pinpoint exactly which areas need improvement.

waterfall-exampleFor instance, some site owners don’t realize how their graphically-intensive websites might be causing serious load delays for their users – and maybe even only in a specific region or country in the world. Worse yet, if you’re using a lot of third party code or off-site image hosting on your page, you might not be aware of how it’s affecting your site’s visitors in different parts of the globe.

So website monitoring can do a lot more for you and your business than you might realize. Give AlertBot’s free 14-day, risk-free trial a chance and start learning how to increase your website’s potential right away.

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