The AlertBot team just returned from last week’s Velocity Conference event in Santa Clara, California. We had a great time meeting a lot of people who share our affinity for web performance. And, despite some air turbulence during the trek that rendered more than one of us uncomfortably queasy, we enjoyed the trip from the humid weather in Eastern Pennsylvania to the crisp breezy air of California.

As a VelocityCon sponsor, we had a booth set up in the exhibit hall, which allowed Velocity-goers to peruse various tables showcasing unique and recognizable products and brands (Even NetFlix and Amazon were there?!) and pick up some fun swag along the way. For example, Target had these awesome little plush versions of their canine mascot to give away (which a couple of us snatched up for our little Bots back home), HP had silicone cell phone speaker amplifiers, JFrog had foam frogs and “Batfrog” superhero spoof tees, Verizon offered a pair of ping pong balls, and our booth neighbors (x) Matters gave away old school handset phone receivers you can plug into your cell phone. So, yeah, there were quite a few fun things you could snag from any given booth.


If you visited us at the AlertBot booth, you had the opportunity to listen to us give a little talk on the AlertBot’s monitoring services and then take a spin of our prize wheel (carnival, style!). Many attendees walked away with a cool new remote control helicopter, while others got to grab AlertBot swag like travel mugs, highlighters or Frisbees. We even had a drawing to win a brand new Apple Watch, which we announced on the last day of the conference. The lucky winner even got to take it home that day too (congratulations to Craig T. from Constant Contact!).


Events like these are great because it allows us all to step out from behind the comfort of a desk chair and computer screen to meet our customers in person and discuss our projects face-to-face. Velocity was a nice opportunity for this.

But hey, if you weren’t at Velocity, that doesn’t mean we can’t meet! Shoot us an email. We’d love to talk to you and tell you why we think AlertBot is right for you – and why we know you’re gonna love it!



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