Web developers know browser compatibility can be a real headache, however, browser compatibility doesn’t just affect web developers. Recently, one AlertBot customer received an alert that their site had failed. When investigating the failure, they found that their site was actually not completely down, but that AlertBot had discovered that their site had stopped working in just one browser. Their website was working fine with Chrome, Internet Explorer (IE), Safari, etc, but had stopped loading with Firefox. Thanks to AlertBot’s TrueBrowser™ Monitoring options, which allowed them to test their website in multiple browsers, they were able to identify the problem with that one browser quickly and fix it.

For web developers, it’s easy to simply open your site in each of the popular web browsers to check it for compatibility, find that it’s working smoothly, and then never follow-up on it again. However, websites, servers and backend resources change often. AlertBot’s TrueBrowser™ Monitors can be set up to check your site regularly with each of the popular web browsers and make sure nothing has changed. So, for example, with AlertBot, you can set up a Test Scenario to check your website with Chrome, another one to check it with Firefox, then another with IE, etc. This way, you’ll know the very instant your site stops functioning within one of these popular browsers.


It’s also just a super easy way to not have to worry about browser compatibility as often. Think about it; these days, web browsers are constantly auto-updating to new versions and web masters are constantly updating their websites. It’s a lot to keep up with–testing your site’s performance with each browser every time this happens–so having something as simple as an automatic browser monitor frequently testing your site’s reliability is one less worry for website owners.

Take the AlertBot TrueBrowser™ Monitor for a spin with a completely free trial and let us start watching your back for you!

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