When most of us think of “website monitoring,” we usually think about how it applies to our own websites. However, website monitoring really has more uses than we may realize or consider.

Truth be told, while using AlertBot to keep an eye on our own websites and pinpoint problems that need fixing, we can actually set up monitors for any site—not just our own. This means we can actually monitor the competition as well.

The upside to monitoring the competition is that you can get an idea of how a competing website might be performing from around the world, and gauge whether your website is competing as well in those areas. Furthermore, you can see how long their page load times are and find out what features on their website may be slowing them down. It could help you figure out what to avoid in your own design or focus on what to do better in your market, for example.


You can test-drive this concept with our free, risk-free 14-day trial. Try it out today and start gathering actionable data on your website – and your competition’s!

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