Every successful website needs to undergo tests and retests (and re-retests) to ensure that the site performs well for all visitors. It’s one thing to test how your site looks in different web browsers, but what about how it actually performs?

Running an AlertBot waterfall chart is just one example of something IT and website managers can do to see how the site is performing with load times. Before you release your site’s new design, complete overhaul or its grand debut, it’s wise to give your site a thorough testing first. A simple test with AlertBot’s waterfall chart can reveal images or third party code that might be clogging up your load time — or many other possible hang-ups. Your site might look fine and dandy, but if the page is taking too long to load in this fickle web-browsing age we’re living in, it could be very costly for your business.

Waterfall-2016(Above is a real, abbreviated example of AlertBot’s waterfall charts)

In the end, it’s really like a visit to the dentist; they often give you tips and guides on how to prevent cavities and other oral problems, while helping you maintain good oral hygiene. Maybe using mouthwash or flossing daily will help keep your gums healthy and your teeth strong. Likewise, with the right web performance tools and tests, you can ensure quality conversions and hopefully prevent any possible decay in your site’s performance.

See for yourself with AlertBot’s completely free 14 day trial!

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