Several members of AlertBot’s staff joined over 900 participants in Sunday’s “Run Wild for Animal Conservation” 5K Race at the Lehigh Valley Zoo.

While on the Run Wild 5K/10K trail, we ran through the Trexler Game Preserve, an 1100 acre animal sanctuary. The race finished inside the Lehigh Valley Zoo, which led everyone past its animal exhibits, including camels, zebras, and kangaroos. A few of us even stuck around after the race to mingle a bit with the zoo’s various furry residents.

The AlertBot team is excited to be able contribute to such a noble cause as Animal Conservation, especially with thousands of species remaining endangered today. All proceeds from the race went to benefit Lehigh Valley Zoo’s animal conservation efforts, which raised over $25,000 last year and nearly doubled that this year, raising $40,000.

Run Wild was a success, and we can’t wait for the next opportunity to strap on our sneakers and join in the efforts to make a difference in our community!


Louis is a writer, author, and avid film fan. He has been writing professionally for tech blogs and local organizations for over a decade. Louis currently resides in Allentown, PA, with his wife and their German Shepherd Einstein, where he writes articles for InfoGenius, Inc, and overthinks the mythos of his favorite fandoms.

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