AlertBot Launches New Blog Series: “Website Showdowns”

Allentown, PA / December 13, 2016 / PR Newswire, Inc., a software company and developer of the leading TrueBrowser®-based web application monitoring solution, AlertBot, is pleased to announce the launch of a new series of AlertBot blogs the team has dubbed ‘Website Showdowns.’ AlertBot’s Showdown blogs will feature monitoring results from competing websites, showcasing AlertBot’s TrueBrowser® technology at work, which combines advanced performance tracking and error detection with real web browser testing to provide customers with best-in-class website monitoring solutions.

The AlertBot Showdown blogs will evaluate each website’s performance based on four categories, including reliability, speed, geographical performance and usability, complete with time-based trends and detailed analytics.

This month’s scrimmage pits rivals against With two titans of industry like these going head to head, the results were, for the most part, not unexpected.  Read the full report here.

AlertBot continues to remain on the cutting edge of website performance. With 85 Global Test Locations operating over 7 Internet Backbones developed during the past decade, AlertBot has established their reputation in real-world private industry applications. AlertBot serves over 10,000 users spanning 6 continents worldwide with 200 million website checks per month. Their Synthetic Monitoring is designed to detect all possible application errors and collect important performance metrics as part of its monitoring routine.

About AlertBot:
Since launching in 2006, AlertBot has provided industry-leading TrueBrowser® web application monitoring. Thousands of companies trust AlertBot to continuously monitor their mission critical websites for errors and performance issues that affect user experience. Visit for more information.

About, Inc.:

Founded in 1999 by a group of engineers, InfoGenius prides itself in building and delivering quality enterprise-class services that help businesses, both small and large, realize their greatest potential online. InfoGenius conducts its business through its network of independently branded services including AlertBot, ELayer and UptimeSafe. Visit for more information.

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