v2.2.40.0 Released!

We have released the latest version of AlertBot. The release introduces a new interface when adding a monitor along with a new “Last 10 Waterfall Captures” report.

Monitor Type Interface:

We have done away with the old school dropdown boxes that were displayed when selecting your monitor type and created a new, more descriptive menu, which includes key features and capabilities of each monitor type. We have also changed the monitor names to better reflect the type of test they perform. Our goal with these changes is to make choosing the right monitor type easier.

New Interface to Add Monitors
New “Last 10 Waterfall Captures” Report

The new report shows the last ten waterfalls captured and is part of the larger Website Performance, Transaction Performance and Failure Analysis Reports. This is useful when you’ve recently had performance related errors or if you want to see how your performance varies between tests.
Moving To Next Generation “Real Browser” Monitoring

Another highlight of this release is that customers now have the ability to add our TrueBrowser® Website Full Page Monitors on their own. Previously, our team added the TrueBrowser Website Full Page Monitors while we were deploying additional TrueBrowser Test Stations to increase our capacity. Now that we have built up our capacity, we are opening up the doors for everyone to add this monitor type! This change is part of our move to focus our offering on TrueBrowser Website Monitoring, which provides the best error detection and the most accurate performance reporting.

AlertBot currently offers three types of Real Browser Monitoring: Full Page and Mobile Page, used to monitor individual pages, and the Multi-Step Web Transaction for monitoring online processes like logins and buying a product online.

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