Earlier this week, on Tuesday, Google+ user K Neeraj Kayastha discovered a new technique Google’s search engine may be getting ready to implement abroad that will warn mobile users of potentially sluggish links before clicking.

Neeraj posted screenshots from his personal Android browser that indicated a new red “SLOW” icon branded next to links for YouTube and even a Google search result (scholar.google.co.in, to be exact). Today, we tried to replicate the same result on an iPhone, but were unable to bring up any “Slow” icons on our search results. (And comments on Neeraj’s report page seemed to reflect similar experiences.)


So what does this mean? It’s possible that Neeraj happened to stumble on a brief Google testing of an upcoming new search result feature, and if this is indeed on the horizon for the near future, website owners may want to do all they can to avoid that little dreaded scarlet branding.

Should this feature come to light soon, now would really be the ideal time to find a Website monitoring solution for your business’s website to ensure visitors and new clients aren’t deterred by Google’s little warning.

Click here for a list of solutions and more info on how AlertBot can help.

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